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Website/SEO Steps To Success

Daily analysis of your website and SEO reach is crucial to getting the response you anticipate. GG can help.

If you haven’t been getting the response to your website that you initially anticipated, it may be time to commit to a GG smart re-design. It's at the top of our strategy list for all clients. In many cases, small adjustments to an existing website can remedy a problem, particularly in terms of website navigation and content. Three short steps is usually all it takes:

STEP #1: Define

We evaluate your website structure, content writing, functionality, appearance and style. With a few strategic edits, depending on website makeover needs, clients see dramatic improvements at a cost much lower than starting from scratch. An added benefit includes marked improvements in search engine optimization results.

Step #2: Develop

Running your site through GG's analytical checklist flags existing problems related to:

  • Image manipulation and addition (client supplied images)

  • Newsletter and e-mail list maintenance

  • Adding/removing website pages

  • PDF creation and uploading

  • Shopping cart product updates

  • Update announcements, articles etc.

  • Replace images, i.e., pictures and graphics

  • Monitoring of search engine rankings.

New strategies for improvement are identified and refined for execution.

Step #3: Design/launch

Based on the identified improvements needed for success, GG corrects and implements issues to improve your web design and SEO functionality, resulting in streamlined performance.

Drop us a line to chat with our team and discuss how we can best support you.


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