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Attract Top Talent Through Your Website

Your website plays a crucial role in attracting top talent, but it can also scare away possible recruits.

Your website is at the center of your employer brand.

The important role your website plays in the recruiting process is a reality many companies do't immediately focus on. We surveyed both job seekers and professional services recruiters to find out what the top elements of an employer brand were. Here are the top five results:

You’ll want to address each of these issues on your firm’s website, but notice that the website itself was called out as a top element of an employer brand.

Similar to the journey buyers take when evaluating you as a service provider, potential employees are seeking information that will help them make the right career choice. Leading recruiting and job board companies like encourage job seekers to check a company’s website for information on its culture, leadership team, and services in preparation for an interview. Will they be able to find this information on your website?

If your website is disorganized, outdated, lacking sophistication, or rarely updated, you risk scaring away potential recruits who are evaluating you as a possible employer. Your website is critical to your employer brand, so it is essential that you prioritize updating or redesigning it with future job candidates in mind.

Build A Strong Career page

Top talent is hard to come by in professional services. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated Careers page on your firm’s website. You may even want to feature it in your main navigation. When a potential employee arrives at your website, you don’t want them to struggle to find your Careers page.

But all Careers pages are not created equal! What are some ways you could strengthen this page? Here are some ideas:

  • Use real photos of your team in action

  • Film an overview video highlighting employee culture

  • Feature current job postings (or link to your job portal)

  • List common benefits and amenities

  • Describe what differentiates your company culture

  • Use videos or summaries to spotlight employees

  • Provide the location of your office(s)

  • Call out special groups (interns, students, veterans, etc…)

  • Include a form to contact you with questions


Think about your future employees as you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website. The competition for top talent is fierce. And remember: as the shift toward a more digital recruiting process accelerates, your competitors are recruiting online, too.

There is no time to wait. If your website is missing many of the elements described above — and if recruiting top talent is a high priority at your firm — there’s no better time to make some critical upgrades.

Drop us a line to chat with our team and discuss how we can best support you.


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