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Helping Our Clients During Covid

We've transitioned to WFH, and host daily virtual meet-ups with all our clients.

These are strange days indeed.

Like most companies, we transitioned to WFH and we’re doing our best to look after each other — whether through Google Hangouts, creating collaborative entertainment guides, getting together via video chat to workout and meditate and more.

As communications pros, we know how challenging it can be to navigate this crisis and want you to know that we’re here to help. We’ve already supported more than a dozen clients including Ivy League institutions, progressive organizations and industry-leading companies.


We’re partnering with companies and organizations to map their institutional responses to the COVID-19 crisis. We’re supporting internal and external communications about changes to business as usual due to the pandemic; and organizations have turned to our crisis PR team to help with scenario planning for employee health issues, business continuity, impact of the economic downturn and everything in between.

digital capabilities

With COVID-19 forcing people around the world indoors and online, having a strong digital program in this moment is crucial. Our digital team is adept at creating targeted strategies for developing and pushing out content to key audiences online. As news around COVID-19 continues to be released at a rapid rate, it is important to maximize owned online channels with compelling content that raises awareness, drives action and elevates your voice in a crowded digital landscape. Whether this means digital rallies on social media, microsites for COVID-19 resources, one-click calls to action or private Slack communities, we are on the ground with our clients working to find solutions that build audiences, drive engagement, educate and unite.

crisis communication

Our expert communicators craft and drive effective strategies to protect reputations, shape narratives and confront problems in real time. We have built our firm’s success on bold and creative solutions to reputation management, message development, media relations and audience engagement. Our theory of crisis communications is centered on preparation, assessment and action. We are at the table with crisis clients, helping them prepare for all scenarios and have responses ready before they are needed. We identify when there are real risks, when we should be proactive and when responding needlessly escalates the issue. We not only assess the media landscape, but also take the time to identify the reactions of partners, allies and internal teams, and develop a plan to engage them and mitigate any potential negative situations or reactions.

Drop us a line to chat with our team and discuss how we can best support you.

discuss how we can best support you.


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